Mite Prevention For Your Flock

This is a typical photo of what a mite infestation would look like.It is a simple fact that may make your skin crawl: all poultry are susceptible to mites. In fact, mites are one of the most common problems when raising poultry.
Your flock could become infected with mites by new birds being introduced to the flock, by wild birds, or by taking them to poultry shows or auctions that have mites in the coops. These external parasites live on the host chicken, feed on its blood and quickly multiply. Within a short amount of time, mites can cause a large amount of damage.
Chicken owners initially notice mites by seeing a distressed look in their flock and noticing decreased egg production. Though mites do not infest humans, mites can crawl onto humans and bite, resulting in small red lesions and intense itching.
For chickens, mites can cause a plethora of problems. Chickens with bad infestations don’t lay as well and have reduced fertility. A chicken’s vent, particularly, gets affected. The vent’s moist skin and rich blood supply make it a favorite feeding ground for hungry mites. Signs to indicate mites include: scabs near the vent, lethargy, mite eggs on feathers and feather shafts, soiled feathers, and small, dark spots from mite droppings.
Mite prevention is essential to poultry health, and it is essential to check your birds often for signs of mites. Once there is a mite infestation, owners usually need to treat with chemical pesticides for the best results. However, mites can develop resistance to chemical treatments requiring the use of different or stronger pesticides.
Prevention Solution: New NatureWise® Feather Fixer™ with Mite-Fighter Technology™.
Our new feed Feather Fixer™ offers the first complete feed with a dual solution to feather40 lb. Feather Fixer Bag Image repair during molt AND mite prevention. The Mite-Fighter™ is incorporated into the feed. It is excreted in the bird’s feces and makes the area around the vent inhospitable to mites, reducing the likelihood of infestation. Product trials show reduced infestation in hens with pre-existing heavy mite infestations with no adverse effects to the birds or their eggs. NatureWise® Feather Fixer™ with Mite-Fighter Technology™ can be fed continuously for year round mite prevention; it is also designed to help improve feather quality and encourage feather regrowth specifically during molt. If you want to keep your flock safe from mites, but want to steer clear of chemical treatments, Feather Fixer™ with Mite-Fighter Technology™ may be an option!
This product is brand new to the market and is hitting the shelves of Nutrena retailers everywhere in the coming weeks. Ask your favorite retailer about their plans to stock NatureWise® Feather Fixer™ with Mite-Fighter Technology™ today.